Next Skirmish Airsoft Wolverhampton 30th June 2024.

2024 gives us the first Sunday of the month with Airsoft Skirmish

  and the 3rd Sunday in conjunction with TM Airsoft

Walk-on fee is £30.00

Full kit hire is £60.00

airsoft Wolverhampton

Walk-on fee is £30.00

Full kit hire is £60.00

Skirmish Airsoft, The A Team For Wolverhampton Airsoft.
We put the “A” in Airsoft

Airsoft grenade launcher

James Gregory

Head of the class (we let him feel important). Sticks and stones may break his bones but words will never hurt him (unless that word is canoe!)

After over 30 years running combat sports events James has perfected his Skills in making things that go BANG for your pleasure. James loves cosplay. He has been shot as a mad scientist, a gate guard, head zombie, Father Christmas, awerewolf and even as the Easter bunny. Will his sacrifice never end!! Truly a modern day HERO to every man! Come to Airsoft Wolverhampton and you will have every chance to see James dressed up.

airsoft player

Richard Flynn Peck Smurphy

“The Shermanator” Cannon Foder & Comedy Value

As Richard comes into his second year on the team he has been indispensable in the enthusiasm and building of our airsoft events.  The half barricade he and Ben built is legendary through the Skirmish airsoft world. Although sometimes unable to follow simple instructions like “I’m hit” you cannot beat his enthusiasm, the best walking dead zombie Skirmish Airsoft Wolverhampton has ever seen and no one will take his Grinch crown ever!

airsoft marshal

Ben ” Cocking” Syder

Skirmish Airsoft most enthusiastic member of the team at least once a month. Sometimes it falls into game day as well. Always around when you want a video or picture taking. Currently ranked 2nd best player behind the G.O.A.T. Part of the legendary barricade building duo “that’s another fine mess you got me into”.

airsoft goat


All-round talent the greatest of all time.

THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME! Our supreme leader, the great master mind behind the whole network. No one has ever seen his face! Is he real? Does he exist in a physical sense? Comedown to Wolverhampton Airsoft you may just catch a glimpse.

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